The Common Good presents:

8:00 PM Friday, 7 April 2017


Producers from: Clover Films - Al Jazeera : The Boy Who Started the Syrian War

William Wintercross: Photo and video journalist and founder of the Syrian Refugee Relief Fund

Hassan Akkad: KEO Films: BBC Exodus 

Anna Farina: Syria Relief UK

Jen McGeachie: Founder of The Common Good Collective

This is a not-for-profit night. Profits from the ticket sales of this event will be donated to Syria Relief UK. 

This event will be filmed by Breakthrough Media as part of the Syria Counts initiative. Members of the audience will not be filmed unless pre-arranged / prior consent is given.

Who are The Common Good? 

The Common Good Collective firmly believe that we're all stronger when working towards common goals.

They're a collective that create fundraising events & campaigns for charities that work together to deliver aid, medical expertise and support for worldwide humanitarian projects.

They aim to support as many charities as possible in an environmentally & economically sustainable way. 

The Common Good Collective is a registered fund under the auspices of Prism the Gift Fund, charity no. 1099682


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